Company Profile

wind farm Founded in 1979 by Paul Strunk, Amshore Wind predecessor American Shoreline, Inc. has been responsible for discovering over 80 oil and gas fields and extensions along the Texas Gulf Coast, with a successful history and portfolio of production that encompasses discoveries across South Texas, both onshore and offshore, and continues to this day with the discovery and advancement of production in previously untapped formations like the Eagle Ford shale.

After these successes in the oil and gas industry, and with a pioneering vision to pursue exploration and advancement of all forms of energy and intially take advantage of the abundant natural resources both below and above the ground in the coastal region of South Texas, Paul Strunk established the wind development division of American Shoreline in 2002, and has since amassed a team that is now responsible for one of the largest and most successful development portfolios of any independent wind dvelopment company in both Texas and the United States.  Amshore has developed over half a million acres of land across the US, and Amshore partners include Fortune 150 companies and some of the largest electric utilities in the world.

Continuing to uphold the core values and legacy of American Shoreline; integrity, innovation, and the adventurous American entrepreneurial spirit to achieve success and be at the forefront of the frontier of new opportunities and emerging industries; Amshore US Wind strives to develop viable, large scale utility wind projects that bring about substantial benefit to Amshore's partners, landowners, and communities across the Unites States.  Amshore's originated projects represent over 2 billion dollars in investment, dozens of long term career positions in rural communities, and millions of dollars in tax revenues to American counties and schools.

At present Amshore's team aims to successfully develop an additional 2000 MW's of wind prospects, which will bring its total development portfolio to over 3 Gigawatts of power, and will continue to explore new opportunities to lead the way in development of American renewable energy resources.

Operational Projects

  • Peñascal and Baffin Wind Farm on the Texas Gulf Coast (now owned and operated by Iberdrola Renewables) with a capacity of 606 MW's
  • Los Vientos Phases III, IV & V with 510 MW's
  • Frontier Windpower project under construction with 200 MW's in Phase I
  • Tres Mesas project with 148.5 MW's (owned and operated by Oak Creek de México) in Tamaulipas, México