Amshore US Wind Energy

Amshore US Wind continues the three decade legacy of founding affiliate company American Shoreline, Inc., established in 1979, by originating new sources of North American energy as one of the pioneering independent Texas wind energy development firms.

Since entering the renewable energy industry in 2002, Amshore Wind has been responsible for the successful development and operations of over 2.7 Gigawatts of wind energy in Texas, Oklahoma, and Mexico, including the largest coastal wind farm in the United States, and the largest single-owner wind farm in the state of Texas.

Building upon this proven track record, the Amshore Wind team continues to originate and develop an existing portfolio of projects representing an additional potential generating capacity of over 2,000 megawatts in Texas, Oklahoma, and Iowa, while seeking to expand development operations across the Midwestern and Western regions of the United States.

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